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You’re our guest, so the trip is always at your own pace.
The technicalness of trails in Moab can range from easy to extremely technical and the terrain will definitely test your stamina and your feet with its rockiness and sandiness. Climbs out of canyons can be very steep and cliff ledges can be narrow.

It’s your run, so feel free to customize it!But there’s a lot to see along the way and plenty of rest opportunities (not to mention photo opportunities). You can stop and soak your trail running feet in a beautiful sandstone pool of water surrounded by cottonwood trees, or stop to contemplate the ancient artwork left behind by the natives who ran here 1,200 years ago.

While running, our guides will give you an overview of the geological history of the trail. Some of our trails even have fossilized dinosaur tracks and wall paintings to see. And if you’ve never seen red rock before, you’re in for a treat.

Remember, you set the pace — we’ll go as slow or as fast as you need to. We can soar down a single-track like the Colorado River in high-water, and then run up a 700ft drainage in the next instant. It’s your run, so feel free to customize it!

Preparation list:

  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Apparel that fits time of season you booked your tour
  • Hydration system (can be provided on request)
  • If you have a favorite trail snack, please bring it

We provide:

  • Water
  • Hammer Gels
  • Hammer Fizzy Electrolytes
  • Lunch after the tour!

All of our running tours come with:

  • A knowledgeable and certified guide
  • Hand bottles or hydration packs
  • A shuttle to the trailhead and back to the town meeting point
  • Lunch at a local’s favorite spot

**Please let us know if you have any food allergies and we will accommodate you when buying snacks.**

Guided Run Levels

Beginner Runs

North 40: 4.64 miles

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to run on uneven terrain, able to hike/jog uphill

The North 40 trail gives runners a beautiful view of Arches National Park. You’ll be able to see the Windows section of the park and Balance Rock precariously balanced. This run is a fun single track that meanders through boulder fields and through drainages. There’s also an option to extend the mileage upon request.

North Klonzo: 5 miles

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to run on uneven terrain, able to hike/jog uphill

This trail system is perfect for the beginner trail runner. There are so many trails that a runner can link up on this route to make a full day of casual running out on the trail. The view of the snow capped La Sal Mountains rising out on the south east is breathtaking. If you have other plans to tour more areas of Moab or prep for a race, but need to loosen your legs before the more technical areas, this trip can prep you for that.

South Klondike: 5.3 miles

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to run on uneven terrain, able to hike/jog uphill

This trail system is a classic slickrock trail. There’s plenty of single track mixed with slickrock terrain known as the Morrison Formation. Your guide will take you back through time as they explain what happened 300 millions years ago. Keep your eyes on the slickrock for dinosaur tracks! The hill climbs are light and the single tracks are fun to cruise down. This 5.3 mile loop is perfect for the runner who just wants to take a tour of the past. The hill climbs are light and the single tracks are fun to cruise down.

Intermediate Runs

Castleton Rock: 9.25 miles

Elevation gain: 1,047 ft.  |  Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to run loose dirt, able to jog/walk steep inclines

This loop has a lot to offer to a trail runner. It has solitude, a single track, a slot canyon, and epic views. You start off on a soft two-track road that leads up to an epic view of a red desert valley that’s been featured in many movies and commercials. Once you’ve taken in the scenery from the viewpoint, you descend down into a valley that links to a drainage with sections that are narrow enough to almost touch both sides of the canyon! After reaching the 5 mile mark, it loops back to the starting point. But that’s not the end — you’ll then start your climb on an amazing single track under tall sandstone towers. One of these towers stands solo and climbers from all over the world come to test their skills by climbing it.

Gold Bar: 14.29 miles

Elevation gain: 2,018 ft.  |  Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to run on very uneven terrain, able to carry own hydration system, able to withstand exposed area (one trail section)

This tour starts out on a rough 4×4 road that connect to the actual Gold Bar single track/slickrock trail. This tour has two steeps climbs, but the views from the top of each have epic views of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, the Colorado River, and the majestic La Sal Mountains. Once we get to the top of the last major climb, you continue the run along the rim, which has views of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The finish will be across from the Colorado River at a beautiful shaded campground. This tour is a point to point trip.

Amasa Back: 11 miles

Elevation gain: 1,575 ft.  |  Duration: 3 hours

Ability level: Able to run uneven terrain, able to withstand exposed areas (short section), able to carry own hydration system, able to jog/walk steep sections

One of our favorite runs in Moab because of the many mile options, amazing scenery, petroglyphs (rock art), and single track. Your guide will take you up to a beautiful petroglyph panel in the first couple of miles. This panel is a bit of a hike up the side of a drainage near the main trail. The rock art in this area is etched into the black varnish and dates to around 800 AD – 1100 AD. You will also experience epic views of Dead Horse Point State Park, the Colorado River, and Canyonlands National Park.

Ultra Runs

Mag 7: 17 miles

Duration: 3 – 4.5 hours

Ability level: Able to self-support, able to withstand exposed areas, able to endure strenuos trail

This tour was designed for the ultra runner in training. It’s a combination of trail systems going between single track and slickrock terrain. The first 11 miles is a gradual downhill descent, then meanders across slickrock shelves, along canyon rims. There’s a long climb that starts around mile 11 that will take you to an epic view of Arches National Park. This tour is the perfect challenge for the ultra runner in training or the distance trail runner looking for adventure.

Behind the Rocks: 19 miles

Elevation gain: 2,200 ft  |  Duration: 3 – 4.5 hours

Ability levels: Able to self-support, able to run on exposed trails, able to endure strenuous trail conditions

This is one of Moab’s last hidden gems — and you really have to want to run it! An ultra runner can definitely use this as a training run by keeping their head down and just grinding, or they can take it slow and take in the views. You’ll experience the canyons and run along the rims of them, plus the beautiful drainages. There’s also one epic climb in the middle of the tour. This climb will take you to an amazing view of Hurrah Pass, the Colorado River, and a spectacular view of the red rock desert 1,000 ft. below.

Porcupine Rim: 15.6 miles

Elevation gain: 1,000 ft  |  Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Ability level: Able to self-support, able to run on exposed trail, able to endure strenuous downhill

(Note: This run loses elevation from the rim, so it will drop 2, 700 vertical feet to the Colorado River over 11 unforgettable miles)

This run begins with a 3 mile climb with rocky ledges overlooking Gradstaff Canyon. This is a moderately strenuous climb, gaining 1,000 ft to an altitude of 6,800 ft. Once at the top, the view of Castle Valley, Castleton Tower, and the La Sal Mountains will be the reward for choosing to do this classic Moab run. Then, you’ll continue your run down to the Colorado River corridor.

Sunset Runs

If sleeping in is more your preference, then join us for a sunset run! You can choose to watch the sun dip down below the red rock spires from a vantage point in the La Sal Mountains, or you can choose to get a closer view from a high sandstone mesa. Then you’ll descend to the trailhead where your guide will serve appetizers. Your post-run treat will consist of fresh fruit, brie cheese, bruschetta on a Baguette bread, and wine or beer.

Sunset South Klondikes: 5.3 miles
Level: Beginner

Sunset Amasa Back: 6.5 miles
Level: Intermediate

We welcome individuals, group parties, families, and canine friends.
Whether you’re looking for a mild-paced, scenic-filled 6 mile run with numerous photo opportunities, or a full 15 – 20 mile day of intense climbs and mental challenges, Moab Trail Running Adventures has what you’re looking for.

Are you a runner who’s looking for their next challenge?

If your definition of vacation includes finding new ways to push yourself physically and mentally, while enjoying spectacular scenery, then 360° Moab Adventures is your adventure company.

360° Moab Adventures specializes in custom trail running tours in the surrounding Moab area. We can take you on famous slickrock trails, show you scenic canyon corridors that run above the mighty Colorado River, and guide you along cliff ledges where only golden eagles dare to soar. We also offer multi-day tours that will feed your adventurous spirit!

see fossilized dinosaur tracks and the different colors of sandstoneYou’ll set the pace and we’ll go as slow or as fast as you wish. While running, our guides can give you an overview of the geological history of the trail, so you get to learn more about Moab’s history. You’ll be able to see fossilized dinosaur tracks and the different colors of sandstone, like red, orange, green, purple, and gold. Depending on what time you choose to run, the colors of the sandstone highlighted by the sun will dazzle your eyes.

Meet Your Guide!

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez has been a trail guide in Moab, UT for over two decades. Most of his guiding experience is as a whitewater river guide on the Colorado River, down in Cataract Canyon located in the heart of Canyonlands National Park.

guided-running-tours-moab-utahAs a trail running guide in Moab, he’s been conducting trips for over 3 years and running in it for 15 years. His love for Moab trail running has inspired him to show runners the backcountry beauty of Moab.

Chris likes to spend each guided trip teaching guests about the geology of the area, which Moab is famous for. He’ll take your imagination back in time to a place where human life didn’t exist, then bring you back to when the Ancient Pueblos inhabited the Southwest Four Corners. Guests will be able to actually visit ancient sites along some of the running routes.

You’ll run away with more knowledge once you’ve seen Moab on your own two feet.


  • Wilderness First Responder
  • American Heart Association CPR
  • Utah Captains/Guide License
  • Swiftwater Safety
  • Utah Food Handlers
  • Whitewater river guide

Trail Running Accomplishments:

  • Midnight Mountain 50k 2nd place 5:43:00
  • Man Against Horse 50Mi 5th place 8:27
  • Pacific Trail 50 Mile 2nd place 8:57:00
  • Crown King Scramble 20th place 6:12:20
  • Midnight Mountain 50k 4th place 5:49:37
  • Telegraph Trail 50k 12th place 4:50:42
  • Desert Rats 25 Mile 12th place 4:03:45
  • Jemez Mountain 13 Mile 15th place 2:17:04
  • Nanny Goat 12hrs 1st place 67 miles
  • White Rim Trail 15 hours 70 miles
  • Bootlegger 25k 6th place 2:20:08
  • Pass Mountain 26k 13th place 2:13:46
  • Amasa 15.5 mile 2nd place 2:05:43
  • Bootlegger 50k 6th place 5:10:16
  • Pass Mountain 25k 2nd place 1:59:52
  • Vail 1/2 Marathon 3rd place 1:32
  • Moab Spring 1/2 Marathon 2nd place 1:26:56

Tom Fiore

Tom Fiore has lived, played, and explored in the Colorado Mountains and the deserts of Utah most of his adult life. Tom belonged to a Mountain Rescue Team in the mountains of Colorado for 18 years. It is in this organization that he honed his skills at orienteering, map and compass and wilderness travel. He also became proficient at backcountry first aid and rescue.

Tom now calls Moab his home, but travels extensively throughout the US and around the world. He is an avid photographer who specializes in the natural landscapes of the desert southwest. Desert trail running is one of his main passions. Finding new trails and loops through the canyons and mesa around Moab gives him unending pleasure.

Tom loves guiding people to new places and showing them the beauty of our backyard. In addition to running, Tom loves mountain biking, exploring rivers, windsurfing, and fly fishing. He is always available to help people find a trailhead or locate the best running and hiking trails in the area.

Photos from the Area

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