Autumn in Moab

7 Reasons To Look Forward to Running in the Fall

As we enter the fall season, the sultry summer temperatures behind us, it’s a great time of the year to look forward to running. Whether you’re an avid road race enthusiast, or like to jog to keep up with your health, or just like running for fun — fall is a fun time to run. We’ve listed 7 reasons why you should look forward to running in the fall (and why we like running in the fall).

running drop bag

What Are Drop Bags?

Drop bags are small satchels, drawstring sacks, or simply zip lock bags that are used for ultra running and marathon competitions to hold any gear a runner may need during or after a competition. Before a race, drop bags can be collected by race organizers to redistribute at rest stations, halfway markers, or the finish line.

Dog standing on canyon's edge in Moab

Dog-Friendly Trails in Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah has a lot of dog-friendly trails on public lands that you and your dog are welcome to go hiking on. Plus, the dog-friendly trails are also close to some beautiful national parks. Your dog, and the whole family, will have fun with cool streams to splash in and lots of rocks and arches to run around.Moab’s basically a playground for dogs! So here’s some of the best trails to go hiking on with your dog in Moab, Utah.