360° Moab Adventures

Guided Run FAQ

Runners on a trail in MoabIs it worth spending money on a 360° Moab trail running adventure?

It’s really about enjoying the trail run, the scenery, and your experienced guide will make that all come true. Here’s how:

  • You will arrive at the trailheads with no worries.
  • You can just focus on running and the scenery, so you’re not route-finding or second guessing your choice of turns in the trails. We make sure you don’t get lost.
  • Your experienced guide can capture you on camera in the most beautiful, scenic settings.
  • We prepare a great lunch and pre-run refreshments for you at the end of the trail run.
  • Our cost for the trip means you don’t have to worry about the details. We’ll take care of you and make sure you have an enjoyable adventure run vacation while in beautiful Moab, Utah.

Below are answers to questions you may have about taking a 360°Moab Adventure trail run. If your question isn’t answered, please feel free to contact us for more information.

What do I need to carry while trail running?
You need to carry your own water. We’ll supply you with two 20 oz. hand-bottles, but we recommend you bring your own hydration pack that carries at least 50 oz. of water for a half-day or a 100 oz. for a full-day trip. Water is crucial in the dry Moab desert. You may also consider carrying gels, electrolyte capsules, nutrition bars, and your personal camera if you have one. You should also carry sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn and maybe wear a hat.

What can the weather be like?
This is the Moab desert, so weather can vary from extreme heat, to chilling conditions. We advise you to check the forecast a day or two prior to your run, so you can be better prepared and wear layers if necessary. If you don’t have access to this information, we’ll be more than happy to get it for you.

What if I have to cancel my full or half-day trip?
Full refunds, minus a $10 per person booking fee, are given if cancellation notice is received more than 72 hours prior to the trail running trip departure. No refunds will be given for cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the departure.

What if I have to cancel my multi-day running trip?
If cancellation notice is received more than 30 days prior to trip departure, a full refund is given, minus a $25 per person fee. For cancellation notices received between 15 and 30 days prior to trip departure, 50% of the total trip cost is non-refundable. No refunds are given for cancellations received within 15 days of the trip departure.

How much trail running experience do I need?
No experience necessary! Our guides will run at your pace and will stop whenever you need to rest. The trail levels of Moab range from novice to high endurance. This is your vacation run, so we cater to your needs.

How is the food on our trips?
On a trail running adventure, we understand how much you’ll burn in calories. Our food is stocked full of replenishing calories and delicious flavor. Also, if you’d like to have a cold one after you’re done with your trail run to celebrate, you can bring it along. We have the cooler space.

Is there any history to see on our trail run?
The Moab area is full of history. Our guides can show you ancient art on sandstone walls and fossilized dinosaur tracks. We’ll tell you all about the geological surroundings and the indigenous cultures too. Think of it like an outdoor museum tour!

Why is there additional shuttle fees on some trips?
Some of the trails require a vehicle drop at the other end of the trail head. This is because most Moab trails are point to point, and if you do the whole loop, it can be the same mileage as an ultra (over a marathon, or over 26 miles). It may also require running back on pavement, which can be unsafe with all the tourist traffic in Moab. That’s why we hire a local mountain bike shuttle service to conveniently pick us up at the end of our trail destinations and drive us back to the start.

What about tipping?
Tipping certainly isn’t required, but our 360° Moab running guides gratefully appreciate tips as a way of expressing your thanks for a job well done.