Ultra Running Races and Trail Running Tours in Moab, Utah

About GrassRoots Events

We host two of the best trail races in Moab, UT for ultra runners, elite runners, and trail runners every year: the Moab Red Hot and the Amasa Run.

We also offer adventure running trips for tourists, families, and all levels of runners who want to experience more of the beautiful trails and history of Moab! Learn more about GrassRoots Events.

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Moab Red Hot

Saturday, February 16, 2019

33k + 55k Race

Our ultra trail race that gives runners a challenge while running next to the Moab Valley and Arches National Park.

Amasa Run

Saturday, April 28, 2018

10.5k + 15k + 25k

For trail runners who want to experience the elevation, cliffs, and spectacular views of Moab.

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Guided Trail Running Tours

Our sister company Canyon Voyages offers guided running tours for all levels of runners who want to explore Moab’s canyons, see dinosaur tracks, or practice the technical terrain before an upcoming race.

One of the Most Scenic Trails in America Running Times Magazine on Moab’s Red Hot

The desert makes you feel alive. Once you’re out there, it gets in your blood and becomes a part of you. Chris Martinez, Race Director & Founder

Photos from the Races

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What is Moab, Utah Famous For?

Having gained fame for it’s Moab Desert and unique red rock landscape that covers thousands of square miles, Moab, Utah is one of the American Southwest’s most desirable destinations for outdoor recreation. The city of Moab is in eastern Utah on Grand County’s southern edge and is the largest city in the county as well as the county seat. The total area is only 4.1 square miles, all land, and the elevation is 4,026 feet. With all that land, there’s a lot of great things to see and do in Moab — here are a few ideas of what Moab is famous for.