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How to Stretch Out Running Shoes

It’s not easy to find a pair of running shoes that look good and perform well and at the right price point. When it comes to running we recommend finding the exact fit for your running needs. An ill-fitting running shoe can disrupt your form, make a negative impact on your stride, and cause muscle strain.

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7 Reasons To Look Forward to Running in the Fall

As we enter the fall season, the sultry summer temperatures behind us, it’s a great time of the year to look forward to running. Whether you’re an avid road race enthusiast, or like to jog to keep up with your health, or just like running for fun — fall is a fun time to run. We’ve listed 7 reasons why you should look forward to running in the fall (and why we like running in the fall).

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5 Tips: How to Get Motivation to Run

Running isn’t always easy, especially when training starts and you have to ramp up mileage or do extra workouts. But there are ways to make it easier. If you’ve been trying to find the motivation to get out for your run, we have a few suggestions you could try to help you get the mental energy you need to push yourself.